Restaurant & Catering Firewood

Legacy Firewood can supply the restaurant and catering trade with firewood for both cooking and fireplaces. Our hardwood logs are suitable for wood fired cooking operations such as wood fired pizza ovens, bread ovens and smokeries, catering barbeque facilities or wood fired outdoor catering.

We currently supply kiln dried firewood to a number of restaurants, bars, pubs, mobile pizza ovens, and catering suppliers across the region. As well as firewood for use in heating in open fires and woodstoves, our firewood is used to fire pizza ovens, wood smokers and for barbequing. Because of the low moisture content of our logs (generally 15%), they are particularly well suited to the catering trade. They are easy to light and they burn cleanly and at a high temperature. In addition it is easy to control the heat of your appliance when using kiln dried logs. Logs with a higher moisture content take longer to reach the ideal burning temperature and take additional heat out of the oven in the process so causing the temperature of the oven to fluctuate. In the case of our kiln dried logs, this effect is much reduced.

We can supply establishments on an individual basis or supply bulk quantities and deliver to a central storage depot if part of a chain covering several establishments.

If your requirements are for a specific type of hardwood such as for cooking where the flavour of the smoke is important, we will happily discuss this with you and aim to meet your requirements.

Delivery can be made throughout the UK, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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