Wholesale Firewood Sales

Legacy Firewood is a Yorkshire based firewood producer, specialising in supplying wholesale quantities of kiln dried hardwood firewood and softwood kindling to firewood retailers and resellers in the UK. All timber is grown and felled legally in Britain.

All of our timber is sourced from sustainably managed British woodlands & forests and as close to our West Yorkshire processing plant as possible. We only chose woods that are known to be good for burning and we are able to offer a mixture of hardwoods consisting in the main of ash, beech, sycamore and oak. Other species such as cherry and birch may also make up part of the mix from time to time.

Timber is processed into cut, split firewood logs and kindling using our Posch Spaltfix 650 firewood processor. Logs are then transferred into our state-of-the-art biomass fuelled drying barn until they reach an average moisture content of 18%.

Bulk Firewood Products

Legacy Firewood can offer ready to burn firewood in 3 delivery options:

Loose Load of 60m3

Delivery will be made using articulated lorry with tipper trailer to deliver 60 cubic metres of loose kiln dried mixed hardwood logs tipped in your yard or compound. Open head room will be required to accommodate the tipping. It may not be possible to deliver into a barn or building using this method unless sufficient headroom is present.

Loose Load of 100m3

Delivery will be made using articulated lorry with a walking floor trailer to deliver 100 cubic metres of loose kiln dried mixed hardwood logs to your yard, compound or building. As the walking floor trailer does not require the raising of the trailer, it may be possible to deliver the loose logs into a building or barn depending on access.

Curtainside of Bulk Bags

Delivery will be made using an articulated lorry with curtain-sided trailer to delivery 78 builders bulk bags. These are standard builders bulk bags (800x800x800mm dimension) with lifting loops on each corner. You will need a forklift or telehandler with pallet tines capable of lifting these bags for off-loading.

Kindling Nets in bulk

Legacy Firewood can offer netted kindling bags by the pallet. All kindling is produced from British softwood and dried to a moisture content <10%. Net bags are approximately 10 litre monofilament net with 160 of these packed on a pallet. Pallets will be delivered by our own pallet courier or by your own arrangement of flatbed curtain-side vehicle.

Please call us on 0114 243 0304, email to info@legacyfirewood.com or use our Enquiries page to discuss your requirements.

Paying for Firewood
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