Domestic Firewood Sales

Legacy Firewood supply premium quality kiln dried firewood log, seasoned firewood, kindling, smokeless briquettes and other associated firewood products to domestic customers throughout our region on our own fleet of purpose-built delivery vehicles.

We host a number of regional websites in these areas with further details of available products or you can simply contact us on 0114 243 0304 or use the enquiries page for further information.

We are also happy to take enquiries from other regions for larger quantities, we may be able to help.

All timber for our firewood is sourced from sustainably managed woodlands & forests in the UK and processed into firewood logs & kindling using our state-of-the-art firewood processing plant here in Yorkshire.

We only select timbers that are good for domestic burning and may include Oak, Ash, Beech, Sycamore and sometimes Birch. We generally supply mixed species loads which may vary depending on species availability and single species orders may be available on request, subject to availability.

Logs are cut to a length (approx. 260mm) that fit most UK stoves and wood burners.

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

Legacy Firewood also supply other firewood products to domestic customers. Softwood Kindling and firelighters are available to help get a fire started. Smokeless fuel briquettes are great at throwing out lots of heat and can either be used alone in a multi-fuel stove or can be used in conjunction with regular firewood to get good all-round burning results. We also supply various types of heat logs made from waste by-products such as sawdust and used coffee grounds which also provide good heat output and help to get another use out of otherwise redundant materials. We continually look at new firewood products to ensure customers are supplied with good quality solid fuels to heat their homes.

Please call us on 0114 243 0304, email to or use our Enquiries page to discuss your requirements.

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