Trade Firewood Sales

Legacy Firewood is an importer of kiln dried firewood as well as supplier of UK sourced naturally seasoned firewood. We are able to offer kiln dried firewood to trade customers on a wholesale basis to resellers or trade end users such as restaurants, pubs and catering suppliers.

We have built up strong relationships with our suppliers in Eastern Europe and as such we are confident in the product that we supply to our customers, and in the ability of our suppliers to deliver our firewood orders on schedule.

Our experience ensures that you don't have to take the risk in dealing with unknown and untested overseas suppliers.



We are able to offer a range of kiln dried firewood, including birch, oak and ash. These can be bought as a mixed firewood order or as a single species. We find that kiln dried birch is a very popular product in the domestic market, particularly for wood burners, as it is easy to use and produces a bright flame and steady heat. While we do sell birch logs to the catering trade, ash and oak are often the preferred firewood, as there is a thought that the oils from the birch bark can impart an unwanted flavour in the food. Both the oak and the ash logs offer an excellent long lasting heat, and oak in particular is well suited to open fires and larger wood burners.

We can supply birch oak and ash logs in a variety of formats and quantities. Logs can be supplied in 25 and 40 litre net bags. These are normally delivered on a pallet weighing approx 1000kg,. Alternatively we can provide logs stacked in 1 and 2m3 crates. Finally delivery in builders bulk bags is available locally. Logs can be supplied in 25 and 30cm lengths. Other sizes area available on request. All of our imported timber is kiln dried to less and 20% moisture content and generally less than 15%. FSC logs are also available on request.

Heat Logs/Briquettes

Our heatlogs our manufactured from sawdust and waste created in wood processing plants and as such contains a variety of tree species including oak ash birch rowan aspen spruce and fir. The wood waste is milled to an even consistency and then drum dried to approximately 5% moisture content. The dried wood waste is then pressed under very high pressures into 15x9x6cm briquettes. While the constituent material of the briquettes will vary with sawmill output, the overall quality of the briquette remains constant. The process drying and high pressure briquette formation effectively removes the natural variation in fuel density found in natural logs creating a uniform end product. The briquettes are packed 12 briquettes per bag, each bag weighing approx 10kg. A full pallet contains 96 bags of briquettes weighing 960kg. A full container has 25 pallets. All briquettes are manufactured to DIN 51731. Labels can be applied to the bags at source for full container quantities.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are manufactured from virgin fir spruce and aspen timber harvested in FSC managed forests. After debarking the logs are ground to sawdust and this material is then heated in a drum drier to reduce the moisture content to approx 5%. The dried wood dust is then pressed into 6mm pellets. The pellets conform to DIN+ as well as EN+ standards.

Pellets are available in either 15kg bags by the pallet or in 1tonne bulk bags. A full container of wood pellets would contain 1760no. 15kg bags on 22 pallets. The 15kg Bags are available in plain packaging or with the FSC and DIN+ logos.


The mode of delivery of firewood is dependent on the quantity ordered and your location within the UK. Smaller quantities can be delivered locally by our own vehicles. Alternatively we can use a pallet courier with tail-lift to deliver anywhere in the UK. We are able to offer our best prices where a full shipping container of logs is delivered directly to your premises. This would typically contain 24 tonnes of firewood. In this case, unloading would require that a forklift, pallet truck and ideally two operatives to move the pallets within the container and unload the logs. Lead times on containers vary depending on the nature of your order but typically takes a minimum of 3 weeks. Smaller quantities are normally on a next day or 2-3 day service.

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